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IV therapy package pricing and savings
IV Packages

IV Therapy Package Pricing and Savings

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Email, text or call for IV therapy in Newport Beach, California Contact our hydration specialists in Newport Beach to learn more about IV therapy and boost shots

IV Therapy Package Pricing and Savings

Discounted prices
on vitamin infusions & injections
at our Costa Mesa wellness spa

Boost Hydration
IV Package

  • 3 IV Therapies


Boost Hydration
IV Boost Package

  • 6 IV Treatments
  • 6 Vitamin Injections
  • 6 Add-on Boosts


Boost Hydration
Injection Package


  • 8 injections for price of 7


Discounted prices on vitamin infusions & injections at our Costa Mesa wellness spa

IV hydration delivers essential fluids and nutrients immediately, rather than waiting for them to filter through your digestive tract. Now Boost Hydration saves you time AND money.

Whether you have a standing appointment for your favorite treatment, or want to try different options, you’ll save big on any combination of IV drips and vitamin shots.

Terms & conditions:

Best Value: IV Boost Package 

Call for pricing: 949-629-2333

Enjoy six IV therapy treatments, six vitamin injections and six of our add-on boosts at a discounted rate. You’ll notice a difference immediately and over time.

Choose from any of our IV therapies, Boost shots and add-on boosts. 

IV hydration has many benefits, and is a completely natural way to enhance well-being. Our highly trained medical staff can help you design a course of treatment or recommend a custom therapy just for you. 

All packages must be used within 6 months. Treatment packages are not transferable and may not be shared. 

IV therapy & vitamin shot package Newport Beach

IV Package: 3 IV treatments for a reduced price

Call for pricing: 949-629-2333

Choose any three IV treatments for your package and save. 

Not sure where to start? Some of our most popular IV hydration treatments are:

You can customize any IV treatment with Add-On Boosts. Or discuss your situation with our medical staff and we can create a personalized formula addressing your health concerns or goals.

All packages must be used within 6 months. Treatment packages are not transferable and may not be shared. 

Orange County IV treatment discount

Vitamin injection package pricing: 8 for the price of 7

Call for pricing: 949-629-2333

Stick to your favorite or mix and match; it's completely up to you. ALL Boost shots are included in this special deal.

Vitamin injections are a great way to stay healthy and energized on the go. In under a minute, your body is infused with essential nutrients and supplements you need to stay balanced. 

All packages must be used within 6 months. Treatment packages are not transferable and may not be shared. 

Discount vitamin shots Costa Mesa

Looking for the perfect birthday, holiday or anniversary gift? Good health is one-size-fits-all!

Show someone special how much you care by giving the gift of well-being. Boost Hydration IV therapy and vitamin infusions have solutions to enhance every lifestyle. Our gift cards are a great choice for someone who's hard to shop for, because everyone benefits from better hydration!

Boost Hydration gift cards are available in the amount of your choice. Buy an e-gift card online with instant (or scheduled) delivery, and never be late with a gift again!

IV hydration gift card Los Angeles

Send a Boost gift card instantly online, or on the day of your choice.

Buy a Gift Card

IV therapy and vitamin injections make the perfect gift for:

  1. New parents
  2. Bride-to-be
  3. Social butterflies
  4. Students
  5. Recent graduates
  6. Frequent travelers
  7. Cancer patients
  8. Athletes in training
  9. Teachers or childcare professionals

Whether it’s cause for celebration, cause for condolences, or just making it through another non-stop day, hydration therapy and vitamin injections support well-being with immediate and effective results. Visit our spa-like hydration clinic in Costa Mesa or book a private room for a group IV treatment.

Vitamin infusions with pricing too good to pass up

Treat yourself or someone you know to relaxing, renewing IV therapy and vitamin injections AND enjoy reduced pricing when you plan ahead with an IV therapy package. 

***All packages must be used within 6 months. Treatment packages are not transferable and may not be shared. Discount pricing applies only to one individual patient per package.

Did you know: some insurance plans may cover IV vitamin therapy depending on your medical needs. A Boost Hydration insurance specialist will be happy to help you understand your insurance coverage.

Book your IV treatment online or contact a vitamin infusion specialist to learn more!

Glutathione IV therapy Glutathione IV infusions detoxify, protect & enhance every cell in your body. Vitamin C Boost for natural immune support and energy in Costa Mesa, Ca Our high dose Vitamin C hydration is formulated to make your skin glow and give your immune system the immediate super boost it needs to fight colds, flu, low energy and more. Relief for cold and flu symptoms in California Concentrated formulation of vitamin C, zinc, selenium & more to knock out a cold or flu fast. Hydration Boost Newport Beach, CA Essential hydration with electrolytes and vitamins to replenish fluids and keep your body healthy. Fight colds and flu in Santa Ana, CA with an immune boost A liquid infusion of 11 ingredients is the "ounce of prevention" you need to pump up your immune system and protect your body from colds and other viral threats. Weekend parties on Seal Beach start early can result in a hangover When "just one more" was one too many, our hangover infusion will get you back on your feet in no time. Anti-aging nutrients for a long California life Boost's version of the "Fountain of Youth" with 11 powerful ingredients to help you look young and feel vibrant. Energy Recharge for long office hours Our energy hydration formula with 12 key nutrients is the liquid lightning you need to recharge & revive. Brain boost IV treatment IV hydration with essential nutrients and taurine improves concentration, attention & working memory. Athlete Pre-Performance hydration therapy in Orange County California You're an athlete, prep like one! Our Athlete Prep IV is formulated to help you go the distance and then some. Relieve the stress of a long California commute with IV Therapy in your neighborhood Enter the Stress Free Zone with Boost Hydration's 12 essential nutrients to calm the body, eliminate moodiness, irritability and other signs of stress. Before a big party in Stanton get boosted Overnighter, long week, festival. You're going for one reason – to party. Our Party Prep IV with 11 nutrients will give you the hydration and energy you need to keep the party going. Exhausted after a long run in Fountain Valley, CA? Fitness recovery is here IV therapy for those who play as hard as they work rehydrates quickly & promotes muscle recovery. IV infusions can help you sleep better If restless sleep makes you tired and cranky our sleep infusion will calm your body so you wake up feeling wide awake and recharged. Migraine relief in Fullerton CA You know it hurts. We know we can help. Our hydration infusion will help your body fight migraines and alleviate your misery. Post Surgery Pain Relief Orange County Recover faster. Our highly concentrated infusion with hydration and 11 key nutrients is formulated to kick start the healing process for a faster recovery. Recover from Jet Lag faster Hydration plus 10 essential vitamins to help your body adjust to long travel and new time zones. Cramps Pain Relief Costa Mesa Real relief from monthly PMS symptoms like cramps, bloating, weight gain, irritability and more. You deserve it.