Research studies have proven that 90% of Americans lack at least one vital nutrient and 75% of Americans are dehydrated. Our IV treatments and injection treatments are delivered directly into your bloodstream. When you bypass your gut, 100% of the nutrients delivered to the body. At Boost Hydration our IV and injection treatments are made to order with the highest quality and preservative-free ingredients. All of our vitamins and essential nutrients are locally compounded in a licensed compounding pharmacy that is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Check out our IV treatments, book an appointment today to get and stay on top of healthier lifestyle goals.

Athlete Prep

Boost up before the “Game Day” This treatment is our new patented formula full of electrolytes, essential amino acids and vitamins to help boost up your performance, decrease muscle cramping and help you take your game to the next level. May we recommend our B-12 shot to take your performance up another notch.

Brain Boost

This treatment is ideal before studying for an exam, before leading a business meeting, before making a big presentation, prior to attending a seminar or simply you just feel that your brain could use a boost. This IV treatment is infused with essential nutrients including “Taurine” to help improve your concentration, attention and working memory. We recommend a Glutathione add-on to this treatment.

Cold & Flu

Beat and recover from cold and flu symptoms quickly with the help of our IV vitamin infusion for cold and flu. This fast-acting treatment for pain, congestion, stomach upset, and dehydration is specially formulated with vitamin C and other powerful ingredients to reduce symptoms, replenish fluids, balance electrolytes and provide essential nutrients your body needs to heal quickly.

Energy Recharge

Who could use some energy? This IV treatment was developed for that person who needs to plug in charge up their batteries. There are 10 essential nutrients, including Taurine that will have you back to running on all cylinders in no time.

Fitness Recovery

Mood swings, insomnia, diminished appetite, fat gain, weakened immune system, elevated resting heart rate, and delayed recovery time are all clear signs of fitness fatigue resulting from inadequate hydration. If not taken seriously, it can force you to take lengthy breaks from your fitness regime or even create severe health issues. An excellent way to prevent this from happening is to supply your body with the proper hydration, amino acids, electrolytes & other essential nutrients it needs. At Boost Hydration, we provide tailored Fitness Recovery IV Therapy for quick muscle recovery, pain relief, weight loss, and optimal athletic performance.

Glutathione Boost

Enhance your health, beauty, and longevity, known as "the mother of all antioxidants. Glutathione is a naturally occurring peptide produced by every cell in the human body. This powerful antioxidant forms a vital clog in the body's defense system, and a depleted supply of it will result in dead cells and expose your body to a host of sickness and diseases. Sure, the human body produces glutathione on its own, but usually not enough to deal with the high levels of free radicals (from environmental toxins, alcohol, stress, etc.) we encounter daily. For this reason, we recommend Glutathione IV Treatments to boost your glutathione levels and give your body the protection it needs.

Hangover Rescue

Yes, IV therapy relieves hangover symptoms quickly. This treatment is ideal for when you’ve had “one too many” and can’t afford to waste a day feeling miserable. Re-hydrate, replenish your body with lost vitamins including Thiamine, and detox your liver to get over that nasty hangover. We highly recommend our B-12 Mega Boost shot with this treatment.

Hydration Wellness

Give your heart, brain, muscles, digestive system, skin, and every other cell in your body the full water supply they need to survive and function properly. Every cell in our body requires enough water to perform at peak levels. However, because we continuously lose water through our daily activities, keeping hydrated becomes a big challenge that leads to dehydration. Boost Hydration is Orange County's premier hydration specialist, and our Hydration Wellness IV therapy is a fast and easy way to restores proper hydration, replenishes your electrolytes, flushes out toxins, and maintains an optimum health level.

Immune Boost

Help your immune system fight off viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections with our Immune Boost IV treatment formulated with 11 ingredients to strengthen your immune system.

Jet Lag

Long flights across different time zones disrupt your body's natural circadian rhythms. Your circadian rhythms are your internal clock regulating your sleep-wake cycle. When it's out of line, fatigue, discomfort, headache, nausea, insomnia, mental fog, difficulty concentrating, upset stomach, constipation, and mood changes are inevitable. However, the best way of preventing these common jet lag symptoms is by staying hydrated. At Boost Hydration, we offer Jet Lag IV Therapy specially formulated with IV fluids, vitamins, and minerals that go directly into your bloodstream for faster rehydration, a more robust immune system, restful sleep, and a perfect circadian rhythm.

Migraine Relief

This treatment is “Fast Acting” to help alleviate intense migraine pain and nausea. We formulated this with Magnesium & essential vitamins that go directly into your bloodstream for immediate results.

Party Prep

Party longer without the typical next-day hangover. Our Party Prep IV infusion with fluids and nutrients helps you beat those frustrating after-party hangovers. Unlike hangover prevention pills, patches, drinks, and formulas that only prevent certain hangover symptoms. Our quick pre-party energy and hangover prevention treatment prepares your body for long nights of partying without having to worry about any next-day hangover symptoms. The treatment is fast, easy, and is administered by our hydration specialists at our spa-like hydration clinic.

Post Surgery Boost

Give your body the boost it needs to minimize infection risk and recover quickly before and after a surgical procedure. The healing process after surgery can be a long, grueling, and arduous journey, and depending on your surgical procedure, it can take several months to recover fully. For this reason, we recommend our IV Therapy for recovery; this post-surgery IV infusion aids faster recovery by replenishing essential nutrients and fluids to speed up the healing process. Our IV Therapy isn't only limited to post-surgery, but it strengthens your immune system and ensures that you keep hydrated and minimize infections while waiting to undergo your surgery.

Stress Relief

Headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, chest pain, aching muscles, depression, and forgetfulness are all signs of stress. In such cases, getting the body to calm down is the quickest way to recovery. Boost's Stress Relief infusion delivers 12 essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream for maximum absorption to calm the body and help it relax; that way, you can get back to your daily activities without feeling stressed.

Vitamin C Boost

Want that glowing skin? This treatment gives you the perfect dose of Vitamin C for maximum absorption. If you are in need of some immune BOOSTING & some good ENERGY, then you met your match. For maximum boosting, add on a glutathione push.