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One appointment may be all you need to help prevent you from getting sick.

We offer treatments that increase energy levels, alleviate stress, aide in weight-loss, better your mood and more. Whether you're feeling tired, rundown, or just blah, our vitamin-based therapy is an excellent and a healthier solution to many of the alternatives. All it takes is a quick in-and-out visit at our plush facility located in Newport Beach, California.

Our licensed medical experts are passionate to ensure you get the help you need.

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Athlete Prep

Boost up before the “Game Day” This treatment is our new patented formula full of electrolytes, essential amino acids and vitamins to help boost up your performance, decrease muscle cramping and help you take your game to the next level. May we recommend our B-12 shot to take your performance up another notch.

Brain Boost

This treatment is ideal before studying for an exam, before leading a business meeting, before making a big presentation, prior to attending a seminar or simply you just feel that your brain could use a boost. This IV treatment is infused with essential nutrients including “Taurine” to help improve your concentration, attention and working memory. We recommend a Glutathione add-on to this treatment.

Immune Boost

Help your immune system fight off viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections with our Immune Boost IV treatment formulated with 11 ingredients to strengthen your immune system.

Anti-Oxident Recharge

Our Antioxidant Recharge shot will help your body fight against pollution and other toxins. You'll have more energy, enjoy better-looking skin, and experience fewer colds & illnesses with our powerful blend of antioxidant vitamins administered directly to your bloodstream for 100% absorption.

Good Mood Boost

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Super Leaner Me

Kick up your weight loss journey with our skinny me injection. Our metabolic injection contains an amino acid called “L-carnitine”. What is L-carnitine? It is an amino acid that transports fatty acids and helps increase mitochondria efficiency in the body. The body uses fatty acids to produce energy. Not only are you going to have weight loss benefits, but your energy is going to improve as well. At Boost Hydration, our licensed nurses take less than a minute to administer the glutathione injection directly to your bloodstream for complete absorption and immediate results.